To immerse yourself in the atmosphere painted by Gauguin

No wonder that for many years a favorite destination for honeymooners is Polynesia. A hundred islands, only the major inhabited, covered by lush vegetation, streams, waterfalls, white beaches with palm trees leaned toward a wonderful sea and beautiful lagoons with coral seabed are the ideal setting for an unforgettable honeymoon


French Polynesia is the most famous part of this archipelago of 130 islands scattered over 4,000 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean and divided into five archipelagos minors. Each island has its own identity: we are mountainous islands such as Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, whose peaks covered with very thick jungle even surpass the 2,000 meters, and flat and sandy islands, atolls, like Rangiroa, down from on appear as rings in which open water lagoons calm and very clear. Some atolls are uninhabited, others are home to tiny fishing villages.

Why go in Polynesia

  • To see the famous mountains around for the thick vegetation of the "cocotier", the coconut trees, which seem to come directly from the water
  • To experience total travel experience, away from all that belongs to the hectic life of the city
  • To wake up in the morning in a private atoll, away from worldliness
  • To scale the volcanic mountains in this archipelago
  • To immerse yourself in the atmosphere painted by Gauguin