Evocative lagoons and exotic beaches

The name of the Fiji Islands paradise evokes blue skies, powerful sunrises, real explosions of light, beautiful sunsets full of colors, which quickly disappear in the waves of the ocean.


In addition to beautiful exotic beaches and picturesque lagoons, to make unforgettable holidays in Fiji Islands is a hospitable and cheerful local people, a mix of Chinese, Polynesian, Indian and Maori. Twelve time zones separate the old Europe from these wonders of the Pacific, the only place in the world on the mainland to fall on the line of the international date change, so much so that the islands were sold out for the New Year of 2000 because many have wanted be "the first" to contemplate the dawn of the new millennium.

In these Pacific pearls, by walking on exotic beaches and picturesque lagoons, you are greeted by a population with an unforgettable warmth. Our advice is to a brief stop in Nadi, followed by living on an island or a cruise.

Why go to Fiji

  • To visit Suva, the capital of the archipelago, on the island of Viti Levu, the island that enchants both with its western part is dry and sunny with its share lush and opulent oriental
  • To discover the Coral Coast, the famous coastline of coral origin embellished with palm trees which stretch between the bays and lagoons;
  • To experience first hand the atmosphere of the movie "Blue Lagoon" with Brooke Shields, set right in this corner of paradise
  • To treat yourself to a stay in a place that has really unreal, where every corner that emerges from the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean water gives a unique feeling