Nature, fun, art and history

A trip to Brazil is much more than a holiday in an exotic country, a trip to this land means to become infected by the extraordinary joy of living that accompanies the daily life of the Brazilian people.


A holiday in Brazil is an injection of pure pleasure for those who want to immerse themselves in a wonderful nature, coming into contact with this fabulous kaleidoscope of intense emotions: if you choose to leave you enchanted by the north, lazy and festive or the cities of the south, dynamic and always in movement or even from the Amazon, the rain forest par excellence, where the rhythms are still those that nature dictates. What is certain is that only visiting Brazil will understand the true meaning of the word "saudade," a disease that will hit you too.

Why go to Brazil

  • For its wonderful beaches, where atmosphere is always lively and fun. The most famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro are Copacabana and Ipanema, where you can relax and play sports all year round
  • For Carnival, the event heard from all Brazilians. Everything stops for a week and the sadness is banned
  • To discover the Amazon, its wildlife, its magic. Go up the Amazon River by boat is one of the most exciting experiences for any traveler
  • To live Brazilian music and watch performances of capoeira improvised: music and dance are two basic parts of life in the country
  • To see Brasilia, the city-dream. One of the most ambitious experiments in architecture of this century
  • To see live the country of football stadiums to the fields of the suburbs, you can not claim to have seen if Brazil does not attend a football match