the most intact of the African continent

A trip to Botswana can experience one of the last natural paradises on earth that has managed to maintain its authenticity and its most savage.


In the heart of Botswana lies a paradise made of canals, lagoons and islands, a true sanctuary of nature: the Okavango Delta. In a holiday in Botswana, quietly plowing the lagoon on the mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe, meet crocodiles, hippos and elephants. At the edge of the delta, the Moremi reserve, considered one of the most beautiful in Africa, you enjoy the sight of a full immersion in a habitat intact, full of charm and immensely rich in wildlife. Chobe Park continues to discover the many facets of Botswana: the dry Savuti channel is the perfect place to see lions, leopards and the rare wild dog, as well as visit the rock paintings left by the Bushmen while the Chobe River offers the unique spectacle of immense herds of elephant crossing its waters.

Best time to visit Botswana

March to November is the ideal time to travel Botswana when rainfall is low and days are cooler. April to October is a good time to see elephants in Chobe while May to August is the best time to visit the Okavango when the floods attract an array of wildlife.

Why go to Botswana

  • To discover one of the most intact of the African continent
  • To experience the thrill of seeing zebras and savannah animals in their habitat at the Chobe Park, one of the most beautiful sanctuaries of the planet
  • To browse the Okavango Delta, a paradise of channels and islets surrounded by unspoiled nature

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Mashatu Game Reserve
Map Chobe, Botswana
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Home to large herds of elephants, prides of lion and cheetah

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Victoria Falls and Chobe Park
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African Experience
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Botswana Airport

Unique Emotion

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Charter Flight + car
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Botswana + Seychelles
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Perfect combination of luxury and wild nature

In Botswana, for a safari like no other and the Seychelles in the highest Luxury expression that Praslin Island has to...

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Domestic Flight
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