Immersion in the fabulous scenery of the Zambezi River

A trip to Zambia is an experience that goes beyond mere holiday. Nestled in the heart of Africa, this gem is the country lying behind the great Lake Victoria to the south, the Albert and Edward West, divided by the mountain massif of Ruwenzori sailed north from the Great White Nile lakes that leads to the beautiful Falls Murchison

Zambia is the paradise of biodiversity: the system of 10 national parks and other protected areas is an opportunity to experience a unique and thrilling nature: not only the amazing savannahs covered by thorny bushes and densely populated by antelope, buffalo and elephants but also lush expanses of tropical forest, resplendent lakes, rivers full of aquatic animals and glacial peaks of Africa's tallest mountain range. But for those who are traveling in Uganda, this country remains in the collective imagination as the country where you can see the last mountain gorillas. The National Park Bwindi Forest Impenatrable, declared a national park in 1991, is located in one of the richest areas for flora and fauna of the entire African continent. Formerly known as "Impenetrable Forest", it covers an area of ​​331 square kilometers and offers the unique excitement of a walking safari led by rangers in search of the rare mountain gorillas. The Kibale National Parkospita different varieties of primates, including red and white colobus monkeys and baboons inevitable. But the park is most famous for its remarkable population of chimpanzees and forest elephants. The Queen Elizabeth National Park, 1,970 square kilometers of savannah, forests and crater lakes, occupies the Ugandan side of Lake Edward, the eastern end of Lake George and the Kaziga tube that connects the two bodies of water. It is the sixth park in the world for the variety of birds (558 species), but full of a thousand other species of animals.

Why go in Zambia

  • For Murchison Falls, the most striking of this part of Africa
  • To see the mountain gorillas: an exciting experience to meet these impressive mammals that speak to us of our origins
  • For national parks: Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale, among the most beautiful and extended the whole of Africa
  • To admire the wonderful African wildlife in its pristine habitats: hippos, lions, gazelles, impala and much more
  • Victoria Falls
  • Zambia is the ideal destination for nature lovers, where national parks are teeming with animals and boast some of the best courses and hotels throughout southern Africa. Among the most popular attractions, shared with Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River.

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