Land of dances and orchids

A trip to Thailand suggests immediately to white beaches and untouched nature, extraordinary archaeological and artistic treasures of ancient civilizations, with warm and friendly hospitality, a feature that makes Thai people unique.


An extraordinary and happy combination of factors makes it one of the most popular exotic destinations for travelers from around the world. From the north of the Golden Triangle, the mystical and green, in the south of dazzling beauty, white beaches and emerald green waters, Thailand stands out for its irresistible charm, giving an intense experience, which leaves completely bewitched.

Why go to Thailand

  • For shopping! In Thailand there are shops and shopping centers to get lost in search of brands and technology
  • For visiting Bangkok, the capital city of golden temples (the famous wat) and launch in its frenetic nightlife
  • To try the Thai cuisine, the finest and creative throughout the Far East
  • To experience a Thai massage: a very old medical discipline based on energy flows
  • For some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Koh Samui, Phuket, Phi Phi Island and more
  • To go by tuk tuk, the quaint three-wheeled taxis Thai
  • To visit the hills of northern Thailand, the land of the elephants

The country of Orchids and dances

"The movements of the sinuous and hypnotic traditional Thai dances and sensuality of the flower symbol of the country"

Thai dance is highly expressive and full of grace and differs from region to region, depending on the culture and environment. To the north it is characterized by elegant and graceful movements while in the south and in the north-east is more vibrant and lively. The dances are performed almost exclusively by sweet maidens from his face perpetually set to smile performing extremely graceful gestures and movements and mimic and interpret every single event in history staged. The skits were always a story that tells stories where good wins in the end on the dark power of evil. As in neighboring India, in Thailand we dance barefoot on the ground supporting the entire sole of the foot. The costumes worn by the dancers are always of great beauty, almost baroque are many elements that adorn them. Often the hairstyle is embellished with orchid flowers that makes it even more sensual representations. Flower symbol of the country, often given as a sign of welcome, the orchid is widespread: there are up to 800 types, and at least 35,000 documented species. Orchids can also be found up to a height of 1,000 meters, some grow on the land of rainforests hidden from the sun but the real kingdom is in areas of the north-east where they sprout from the ground or sprouting like precious jewels from the clefts of the rocks mountain.

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