the Lion City

Discover Singapore, the Lion City, as his Indian name says, it means visiting the most amazing island in the world, surrounded by about fifty islands. It is attracted to everything: people, modern architectures, the exoticism that you breathe, the food manifold, orderly traffic, exciting shoppingstraordinariamente.


Soon you will be astonished by how everything works like clockwork, the streets are clean and orderly traffic. Singapore, one of Asia's tiger economies is connected to the north to the Malay peninsula by a bridge; It goes south, with the smaller islands, towards the Malacca.
The port is the second in the world after Rotterdam, the financial market represents 24 percent of the country. All the most important national of the country have a home here, in one of the tall skyscrapers.
If you seek nature and relax Singapore will not disappoint you: the reef of the Sister's Island is a paradise for divers. The Butik Timah Nature Reserve is the largest surviving area where the rainforest.

Why go to Singapore

  • To visit the Victorian houses of Old Times, the oldest part of the city wanted by the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, who bought the land in 1819 by the Sultan of Johore and made design and build to the north the city of business in the English style
  • To buy! Electronics, cinema and photos, hi-fi, hard and software in the latest models, and at discounted prices; fashion and cosmetics at affordable prices
  • To know the true Asian melting pot
  • To better discover a city too often identified only with finance and skyscrapers