enchanted temples and timeless villages

Far from the conventional tourist circuit, traveling to Myanmar, the former Burma, will lead to the discovery of enchanted temples and timeless villages along the Irrawaddy River celebrated by Kipling in what has been called the golden land that boasts over 5,000 years of history .


Myanmar surprises for the many cultural and religious monuments, its beauty and its mystery have captivated generations of travelers and its riches have throat conquerors powerful as the Kublai Khan. The statues covered in gold leaf, the domes of temples that sparkle in the sun, the forests that hide ancient holds tell a rich spiritual world and legends in which men never forget the smile. But a holiday in Myanmar is also suitable for those seeking relaxing and pristine beaches, lush and a hospitable and friendly people vegetation.

Why go to Myanmar

  • To visit one of the most intact among the countries of Indochina
  • To relax on the beautiful Ngapali beach
  • For visiting Yangon, the country of the smile, the sacred place of Buddhism for the presence of Kyaiktyo, the sacred golden rock Could be touched only by men
  • To visit the temples and pagodas of Bagan and the local market in an atmosphere suspended in time
Classic Myanmar
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  • : from Yangon
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9 Days / 8 Nights
€ 1356 /pax