Open spaces by the wonderful contrasts

With excitement we entered this extraordinary Country within our destinations. We had the good fortune to visit many times and to live there for a few years, part of our family and many of our dearest friends are Australians. We will send to you this passion, and will not be complicated!

Australia is the largest island in the world and the smallest continent: 7,000,000 600,000 sq km and a population density of 2 inhabitants / km. A trip to Australia is ideal for those who dream of open spaces by the wonderful contrasts: tropical rainforests, endless deserts, savannas, mountains eroded by the winds, modern cities and the Great Barrier Reef or the green island of Tasmania.


Fascinating and amazing aspects completely different from each other coexist in every corner of the country: while along the coasts of Australia are big cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbournedinamiche and modern, or quiet towns like Perth, Victoria and Adelaide, inland, a few hundreds of kilometers from the city, is still unspoiled nature, unspoiled landscapes and fauna unique in the world.

Why go to Australia

  • To get in touch contact with a powerful nature and open spaces, but also with beautiful Caribbean beaches and deserts
  • To learn about Aboriginal culture, their traditions and let yourself be captivated by the imposing mystical beauty of Ayers Rock, the sacred mountain of the Aborigines and the center of the Red Centre, the Australian red desert
  • To discover the Reef of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef that runs along the coast for more than 2000 km delQueensland
  • To visit the lively and cosmopolitan Sydney, the pearl of Australia, one of the most livable cities in the world
  • To discover Australian wildlife and see up close the animals that populated the infancy narratives: koala, kangaroo, dingo and many more
  • To discover the green Tasmania, the southernmost island of Australia