The land of a million elephants

Of the three states that made up the French Indochina, Laos is the most mysterious. The absence of external influences offers visitors a rare opportunity to get in touch with a traditional way of life remained virtually unchanged over the years.


A trip to Laos offers wonderful views: a magical landscape that goes from the fertile plains of the Mekong valley to the mountains of Annam inaccessible. The cultural history of the country, formerly called Lane Xang, the "land of a million elephants", takes shape from the merger of three religions.

The first inhabitants of Laos were animists and part of that tradition is still present; India then came the Brahmanism and finally Buddhism, which most influences the current culture. Laos is in fact a state from the deep religiosity but never performed. Do not miss a visit to the Great Sacred Stupa in Vientiane, the most important monument of the country, a symbol of the Buddhist religion and national sovereignty.

Why go to Laos

  • To find out more mystical among the states of Indochina
  • To visit Louang Prabang, the beautiful city of Laos protected by UNESCO
  • To navigate along the silent course of the Mekong and discover a placid nature and intact
  • To know the most exquisite hospitality of the Far East
Authentic Laos
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