Safaris and beaches

Where the mythical image of Africa takes on the wonderful reflections of a wild and untouched nature, is confused with the contrasts and colors of the different landscapes, it mixes with the embrace of white sandy beaches.


Kenya is a land of safari: a mission to the perfect view finding by bringing in the heart, kidnapped by the elegant movements of the great animals of the savannah. A trip to Kenya also means plunging into ancient cultures, surrender to the magic of open spaces that touch deep and instill a great sense of harmony and freedom. A journey of exploration and contemplation, from the roots to the comfort of man's most exclusive lodge.

Why go to Kenya

  • To explore all the natural parks of Tsavo and the Masai Mara, one of the most beautiful in the world, where you can meet hundreds of wildlife species, including the largest and rarest mammals
  • For photographic safaris: the Amboseli park is a haven where you can photograph animals on the fairytale of Kilimanjaro background
  • To discover the Indian Ocean in Kenya in addition to the hugely popular Malindi: over four hundred kilometers of coastline await you!
  • For trekking on the beautiful peaks of Mount Kenya
  • To Lake Turkana and the important archaeological sites of the surroundings