The land of the lotus flowers

A trip to Japan is a total immersion in a hybrid culture between the Western and the millennial frenzy of feudal traditions survived to the present day. Poised between the image of the ancient Samurai and that of futuristic skyscrapers, Japan is ready to welcome visitors to unveil its history and its secrets.


Modern cities and crowded, perpetually in motion, alternating with parks and gardens of a beauty and a mystical tranquility. The Fujiyama, the sacred mountain of the Japanese with his placid grandeur. unspoiled natural landscapes, picturesque coves and bays and islands are in harmony south of Tokyo. The north, the island of Hokkaido is instead characterized by high perennially snow-capped mountains. Not by chance that Nagano and Sapporo have been one of the Winter Olympics venues. Tokyo, capital of the country embodies the essence of Japan and Kyoto, the historic capital, will enchant you with its gardens. The ideal is to not miss anything anyway arrange a tour of Japan.

Why go to Japan

  • The Shibuya district in Tokyo, Japan to meet more "creative" and the latest trends in the country
  • A visit to Kyoto, the ancient capital, with its temples and its millenary gardens
  • A walk in one of the Japanese city parks in search of suggestions diKurosawa
  • Hiking on Fujiyama, the sacred mountain of the Japanese
  • A trip on one of the fastest trains in the world and ... always on time!