Land of ice and fire

A trip to Argentina is a journey into the land of strong passions. Land of fire and silence. The landscape gives unique sensations, with a gallery of natural beauty and charm to leave you spellbound.


The music remains in the background, then descends into the streets, take heart with its poignant notes and gives life to the tango, the dance more sensual and fascinating that exists. Cities are heartbreakingly beautiful and sensual, just like the tango dancers. From the picturesque barrios of Buenos Aires, reminiscent at times of our own villages, we are projected experience extreme of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. In between, all opportunities for pleasure and discovery that gives us a country so close to the sensitivity of our soul Latin.

Why go to Argentina

  • To discover the dance, sensual expression of this land, in one of the local Buenos Aires: tango, milonga, candombe and habanera
  • To discover Buenos Aires and its souls: the elegant residential neighborhoods that suggest the nineteenth century Paris to Boca, the neighborhood of fishermen colored houses
  • To visit Patagonia and its nature that has fascinated travelers of all ages: lapampa, the Perito Moreno glacier, the regions of the Andean lakes, several parks nazionaliche offer natural spectacles truly unique in the world
  • To ski even in the summer: July, August and September, the slopes of San Carlos de Bariloche is the most famous of all of South America
  • For the kitchen of the gauchos: asado, empanadas and many other delicacies


"An unforgettable experience, a trip to the authentic contact with local people, the history and tradition of the country between colonial unexpected landscapes and still unknown"
Far from the classic images of glaciers and Tierra del Fuego, there is an Argentina completely unknown, but no less fascinating, rich in culture, history and breathtaking scenery. Deserts, mountains and lagoons surreal colors, Andean peaks, fertile oases, small savannas populated by animals, archaeological sites and the best preserved Inca Walk are just some of the many attractions that the North of Argentina reserves to even the most experienced traveler. They go through towns such as Salta, Molinos, Cafayate, Tilcara Iruya, Yavi, Huacalera, Susques, San Antonio of los Cobres and driving on mountainous areas and desert, crossed by dirt roads and suggestive passages of steps Andes at 4,500 meters above sea level Every moment of the year is the right one to get closer to the true deserts of Argentina made surrounded by snow-capped Andean peaks, fertile areas covered with vineyards, pre-Columbian sites and important archaeological museums.