landscapes, atmosphere, food, unparalleled culture in the world

The warmth of the Mediterranean and the charm of a history and a culture thousands of years old, the extraordinary beauty of nature and an artistic heritage of incomparable value. Italy is all that and much more, is a world so close and familiar, though still full of wonderful secrets.


To discover the most hidden and deepest flavors, Side By Side Holidays has made a careful selection of facilities located in the central south of the country: Umbria and Tuscany with their green landscapes and still immersed in their city a medieval atmosphere, the Campania, with its popular locations around the world, Puglia and Calabria with the clear sea and the interior in many places still untouched, the large islands, Sicily and Sardinia, each with its own atmosphere unmistakable.

For different characteristics and type of customers to whom they are addressed, our accommodations have a common position in places of great scenic charm, quality and expectations of its guests, from couples to families with children, from a young audience who loves him sports and entertainment for those who prefer the peace and quiet of a "boutique hotel" offers the peace of a secular park.

Domus Valeria
Map Rome, Italy
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strategic location for exploring on foot the historical center of the city

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