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Gay Frindly Villa in Cerf Island, Villa de Cerf

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Villa de Cerf

Cerf Island


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Villa de Cerf

The colonial-style "Villa de Cerf" is a luxurious 'small hotel' located on the beach on Cerf Island. This small island is located off the coast of Mahé in the middle of the protected Sainte Anne Marine Park. Nowhere else in the Seychelles can you find such a close concentration of small islands, surrounded by an extensive coral reef with a large fish population. As you can imagine, this last fact makes Cerf Island extremely popular amongst snorkeling fans.

Cerf Island's second advantage is its quiet, serene location. The island measures just 1km in length, and there are no cars or vehicles, and little in the way of infrastructure. In fact, the beach that circles the island is the closest thing there is to a proper 'road'. This means that you can comfortably walk from your accommodation to one of the island's two restaurants (one at the "Habitation" hotel and one at the "Cerf Island Resort"). However, the "Villa de Cerf" has its own chef, who serves up delicious Creole and international dishes each morning and evening. Don't miss the special smoked fish salad and the typical grilled fish! In addition, a welcome cocktail will be offered on arrival.

Cerf Island is just a short 5-minute boat trip from the main island of Mahé. The hotel's own taxi-boat makes the trip several times each day, allowing guests to easily reach Mahé's many sights, including the colourful market in Victoria, the Seychelles capital, or one of its many stunning beaches. This adds to the variety of activities available on Cerf Island.

The "Villa de Cerf" is located on the northernmost tip of the island, and therefore offers a truly spectacular view of the main island Mahé, as well as of the open Indian Ocean. The small island of Sainte Anne, which lends its name to the Marine Park, also forms part of this panoramic view, which can be enjoyed from each of the four double bedrooms of the resort.

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Cerf Island